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Pluggable vs other platforms

If you are a developer or a business that creates WordPress plugins, Pluggable will be the perfect marketplace for you. Pluggable lets you showcase your plugins to a large and active community of WordPress users who are looking for new and useful plugins. When you choose Pluggable to host your plugins, you can benefit from the increased visibility of your plugins, as Pluggable has a large user base and actively promotes the business on various channels.

You can also gain access to valuable insights and analyze your plugin’s performance on the platform. This platform will allow you to optimize your plugin features and help you increase sales. Check out the comparison table below to understand what sets Pluggable apart from other marketplaces that host WordPress resources and why you should consider submitting your plugins to Pluggable –

Feature Pluggable

Features Comparison Table

Let’s start with feature tables. As you can see, most of the platforms do not support demo features, which allow customers to use a plugin before buying it. Additionally, they lack community support.

Services for Sellers Comparison Table

The majority of services for sellers are only available in Pluggable.

Pricing and Commission Comparison Table

As evidenced by the table, we offer a very generous commission rate of 85% to the seller, leaving only 15% for ourselves. This is an incredibly advantageous rate for the seller and allows them to make a significant profit from their sales. It also means that we can benefit from the commission without taking too much away from the seller. This rate is a win-win for both parties and is a testament to our commitment to providing a fair and equitable deal to all our partners. According to the tables, you can see that Pluggable is the clear choice when it comes to offering the most features with the least amount of commission. With Pluggable, you get access to a wide range of features like set product pricing by yourself, customers can use plugins before buying, and most importantly, a low commission rate. So, why wait?

From your end, you just need to create a product that your users will love and we’ll do the rest to make sure it sells. With Pluggable, we make sure that your product gets the exposure it deserves, so you can get the most out of your efforts. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Pluggable today and see the results for yourself!

Are you ready to start your journey with Pluggable? If so, we cordially invite you to join us!

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