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How the “Pluggable Services” work

As a developer, when you’re about to submit a plugin you’ll need the necessary services for your plugins. To make your plugin available to the customer it needed to be maintained properly. For example, Marketing, Documentation, and Live support must be ensured. You’ll find the services for your plugin business –

1. Hosting- Pluggable provides exceptional hosting services that will effectively promote your plugin to a vast audience. With a larger user base, your plugin will easily reach its intended users. Our hosting service not only covers hosting but also includes a license management system and version distribution for your plugin. The best part of this service is that we only charge 15% for this service.

2. Documentation- After releasing a plugin, the crucial part is providing a documentation guide for the new users to make them understand how it works for their sites. As a developer, you’ll get the opportunity to write documentation for your plugins. You’ll also be able to make tutorials as much as you want. Our platform offers this service for free.

3. Customer Support- Customer support is the most important part to improve and build trust for your business. Pluggable will help you by providing world-class support to take your plugin business to another level. This will manage your time and you’ll be able to focus on other important activities. Pluggable will charge only a 12% fee of the total sales of the plugins. Most importantly, while we handle the support, you don’t have to worry about your hosted plugin. Our support team will handle the basic issues of the sites. They will troubleshoot the client sites and also give solutions to critical issues.

4. Live Demo- Pluggable provides a unique option for the users which will allow the users to test the functionality of the plugins on a live site before purchasing the plugin. This service will attract users more to buy your plugin. We offer this service for 3% of the total sales from the plugin. By using our service you’ll have the control to upload the plugin and create stunning designs to make the demo site appealing and lucrative to your customers.

5. Marketing- Marketing in Pluggable includes

  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Branding and positioning
  • Advertising and Promoting
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Pricing Strategy

Market Research: Our team will collect and analyze data on customers’ needs and preferences as well as from your competitors and market trends.

Product Development: We’ll generate data identifying your customers’ needs and provide you with additional information about developing products based on the needs of the users.

Branding and positioning: This will help you develop a unique brand and position that will set you apart from your competitors.

Advertising and Promoting: This campaign will assist in delivering a targeted message to popular channels such as social media, YouTube, and others.

Sales and Distribution: By developing and managing a sales channel and distribution network to make your plugin and services available to customers.

Pricing Strategy: Pricing is an important part of the plugin. It will differentiate your product from your competitors. Generating correct pricing will help increase revenue. This will increase your sales at the expected rates.

Our top-notch marketing team will help research your plugin’s dedicated market and this way they will advertise and promote your plugin. Pluggable will charge a 20% fee for this from the total sale of your plugin.

If you have any confusion about the Pluggable services, we request you reach out to us and share your questions.


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