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Why take our Customer Support service?

Without having to worry about managing a support team by yourself you should consider taking support service. This will let you focus on developing new plugins and leave customer support to the experts. Our experienced support professionals can handle a wide range of inquiries, from basic troubleshooting to more complex technical issues. To add Support Service with your plugin-

  • Go to the Pluggable “Dashboard”
  • Then, select the “Developer Dashboard”

Click Developer Dashboard

  • On that page, you have to click on the “Sellers” sub-menu “Add Plugin”

Click Add Plugin

  • At the bottom of that page, you will see the Commission and Earning section.


Pluggable Services

    • Enable the “Customer Support” service


Select Customer Support

  • Finally, submit the plugin


Submit your choice

If you have any types of questions or need any help regarding the services please reach out to our support.

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