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How can I join as a developer?

Pluggable is the best platform for developers who’ve built plugins and want to sell them. If you’re a developer and unable to manage your time then Pluggable will assist you in managing your plugins. It will provide you with a variety of services. To grab this opportunity, all you need is to join as a developer. Here are some steps below-

Step 1: First, you have to go to the website and click on the “Become A Seller” button

Click on the “Become A Seller” button

Step 2: Now, on the “Become a Seller” page you’ll find the “Register Today” button at the bottom. Click on the “Register Today” button


Click on the “Register Today” button

Step 3: A new tab will open where you’ll find the registration form. All you need is to fill it with actual information like proper username, valid email, display name, and strong password

Registration Form


Anyone can create an account in two ways:

  • With email and password or
  • With Google account

With email and password
You can follow the screenshot shown below. Use any name you want to include. There are no rules and regulations for the username and display name. You’ll be able to choose your desired username and display name.


With Google account

To create an account with your Google account, you have to go to the registration page and click on the “Continue with Google” button

Click on the “Continue with Google” button

It will take you to the Google authentication page. You have to select the account you wanted to register in Pluggable

Google authentication page

When your registration is complete, you will redirect to the dashboard page. On that page, you’ll discover the “Developer Dashboard” page

“Developer Dashboard” page

Step 4: At this point, registering with your Google account you have to register as a developer to enjoy all the features of a seller

Register as a Developer

Now, you have to fill up the empty fields with the information and click on the “Register” button. Finally, your account is ready to upload and sell plugins through Pluggable. If you got any questions regarding this feel free to reach out to us.

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