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What will happen when my license expires?

A software license plan is a document that specifies the terms and conditions of using a software product. It usually contains information such as the license type, the user limit, the license duration, and the cost. Software license plans are beneficial for both software developers and users. They enable developers to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure that users understand the terms of use. They also enable users to choose the best software for their needs.

Pluggable provides 3 license plans while purchasing the plugin.

1. Personal
2. Professional
3. Agency

license Plans

If your purchased license expires, the plugin’s content will be invisible to all of your users, including you. It will remain the same as long as you do not renew your license. Do not worry about it. No data will be lost when the license is expired. After the renewal, all your site data will be back to as before.

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