Taiwanese Wedding Customs

When planning a marriage in Taiwan, particularly if you’re out of an older era, there are many customs that must be used. These traditions have been passed down through the generations, and family has their own exceptional way of partying. From the proposal and marriage ceremony banquet towards the gift-giving formal procedure, these taiwanese wedding traditions are steeped in centuries of culture and tradition.

Before the big day, the groom’s family might set up a “wedding bed” (), which is usually a simple mattress over a platform. This really is a symbol of male fertility and is traditionally decorated with dragons, phoenixes, and tigers. During the marriage procession, the key vehicle will fire a cannon to signal to the groom’s family that the bride can be coming. When the groom’s friends and family welcomes the bride, they are going to serve her a special soup that is made of reddish dates, that lotus seeds, peanuts, and dried out longan – most symbols of prosperity and longevity.

During the wedding service, the couple exchanges jewelry to show their particular commitment to one another. They then bow 3 times to show the respect for every other and their families. Then bride will be escorted by her husband’s family into his property. A wedding banquet is often used after the feast day to celebrate the couple’s union and want them luck on their new life together. This is also when the presents are given, and it is traditional to get the guests to give the couple profit red envelopes. It is important to note that the sum of money that is given is very significant, and it should be a substantial amount. As well, the appearance belonging to the gift is very important – the container as well as the wrapping are both taken into consideration.


After the matrimony certificate is fixed, the few will enjoy a deluxe honeymoon both in Taiwan or abroad, depending taiwan mail order brides individual budget. This is the time just for the bride and groom to spend a few quality time jointly and get to know each other better.

From pre-wedding traditions to swapping vows and celebrating at the wedding banquet, these types of taiwanese traditions are a gorgeous way to celebrate such an crucial event. They are really filled with take pleasure in and respect, and they support to create luck, pleasure, prosperity, and harmony into the newlyweds’ lives with each other. If you’re thinking about learning more about taiwanese culture and history, these traditions will be worth discovering! https://hackspirit.com/11-characteristics-of-the-perfect-girl-according-to-men/ Earning for a memorable experience, whether you’re a newlywed or simply looking to find out about this beautiful tropical island.

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